Cuckoo, cuckoo

Common or also called Eurasian Cuckoo, that visit us in summer is known as a very active and vocal birds. They inhabits, during their stay, the farmlands, green patches of forest in Urban, Suburban and forest around. They are easily recognisable with their plumage of dark, grey, blue with black and white barring on the breast as adult male and female blue, reddish and also has strong and beautiful call Cuckoo, cuckoo, some time repetitive. As they lay eggs of other birds, they are seen chased by many other species of birds like Drongos and Crow.

On my recent escape of lockdown, nearby, I managed to get up close of it and other birds, that was wonderful.

Common Cuckoo
Red-rumped Swallow

Bird of the day!

Blue-throated Barbet Psilopogon asiaticus is called Kuthurke in Nepal, is a striking green bird with blue throat and red crown. So far it is seen and heard common and almost every birding trip, we do not miss it. Picture may be not very justifiable how beautiful it is and seeing with naked eye is a sheer joy of birdwatching for me. An Asian species, inhabits urban and suburban and forest and feeds on mainly fruits such as figs and other. Here’s couple of picture that I took on my recent walk out, not far as the lock is still preventing me to go far but was great to be out even it was just nearby in a small place.

Blue-throated Barbet

Architect of nature

Other day just found this beautiful birds, building their nest, that was amazing sight to sit and watch. Nesi building of this bird – Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) in Nepali is called तोपचरा is an wonderful sight. They build their overhanging nest with a great skill that can take some 18-20 days and need to make many hundreds of trips to collect the materials, that consist of grasses mainly.

A Sparrow sized bird, that are also similar to Sparrow in its non-breeding season. Now, in this season, the male is brightly yellow in their head and front with back mask and female gye and yellowish. Here’s few pictures of this bird, that I managed to capture to share in okay form but not very sharp. Sure some day I will get better images.

Blooms around

Walking in nature is never a disappointment as there is always for something for everyone. There’s always beautiful birds, colourful insects, butterfly and one of the most eye catching beauty of nature are the beautiful blooms of the different species of flowers, that is so wonderful to enjoy.

Here’s some flower pictures of my lockdown nearby. Explore yourself!

Bird of the Day

Blue-throated Barbet, a beautiful and easily recognizable with its bright green plumage with read head and blue throat is a common bird around. Often hear as…Kuturk kuthurk and its called Kuthurke in Nepali. It also heard more often than seen as it goes into remains into the foliage.

Blue-throated Barbet 1
Blue-throated Barbet 2

Time 4 Butterfly

I am not a butterfly expert but when I am out there walking or birding, when I see these beauty of nature around, just can not resist myself to stop and loot at it. Photographing them is another thing, that I do as its feels much easier to photograph them than birds. Even during this wet season of Monsoon, when ever it’s dry time, we can explore dozens of them easily around. Here’s some of them that I would like to share with you all.

Plain Tiger
Common Tiger
Grey Pansy
Yellow Coaster
Red Lacewing
Red Admiral
Glassy Blue Bottle

Tiger Day 2020!

Are we really having this day to commit and protect this magnificent gift of nature- Big Cat- TIGER! Or just a day to socialize in the name of tiger for the sake of our own benefit!

This is a wonderful being that share the planet earth with us and we have a huge responsibility to save it or not harm at least or let it be there!

Happy day of the Tiger- Global Tiger Day 2020!

Tiger from Bardia national park, Nepal