Urban Birds

Among two migration season – summer and winter for birds, winter is the best season when, we get many migratory birds that winters, pass by and make short stay around. These birds travel to Nepal from as far as Siberia and some travel further south from Nepal. We have been doing our winter Urban BirdContinue reading “Urban Birds”

Winter morning

Winter here in this part of the world is almost halfway through. It’s a beautiful season for many things. However, its very hard on some people and some time not easy to get out in the early morning to work. Kathmandu usually gets good amount of sun in the day time in compared to manyContinue reading “Winter morning”

Hiking and Birding

Birding and hiking around Haibung My best walking experience in the nature since the lock down started, though staying out of home and family for some days. Haibung is located, not so far from Kathmandu but feels like it is far. I just did drove to Sundarijal for about an hour and hiked to HaibungContinue reading “Hiking and Birding”