Birding Ichhangu

As planned, after struggling the local dirt road, I met with my other fellow birding and photographer friends at Dhunga khani (rock mine), on the other side of the Ichhangu town. It was great to see some friends after a long time with other regular guys. We continued along the Ichhangu khola (stream) below theContinue reading “Birding Ichhangu”

Manhara and nature HIKE

Right after, when the rain stopped, I picked up my bag and rushed to Manhara, that took some half and hour travel time on my bike and met a friend. Located in the east of Kathmandu, Manhara is one of the important river system of this valley. Manhara wetland and farmland since last couple ofContinue reading “Manhara and nature HIKE”

Farmlands and Hillside

Just got back from my 3 days tour out of Kathmandu. I am so glad that I got this opportunity to get out, even just for this short trip, during this ongoing pandemic. Not a good time to travel, this time, as most people will think and say! It’s monsoon season when we get floods,Continue reading “Farmlands and Hillside”

Blue Whistling Thrush

When we see it fly off, it looks a dark black bird but seen in good light- its plumage is beautiful shiny violet blue with light white spots, mainly on the back of the birds. We have been lucky to see it in most of our walks in nature in Kathmandu. It is often heardContinue reading “Blue Whistling Thrush”

Afternoon Stroll

Just did a short visit yesterday nearby in the afternoon, in spite of weather threatening with monsoon rain. I was lucky and managed to stay dry till my return. The light was another thing, still managed to capture these recognizable birds pictures in my camera. Beautiful Barbet that are usually seen behind the foliage andContinue reading “Afternoon Stroll”