8848.86 m Mountain

The highest mountain, popularly known as the Everest, is actually called सगरमाथा in Nepal (Sagarmatha). Later it was named as the Mount Everest after, Sir George Everest. Chomolungma is  known to Sherpas and Tibetan call it, Qomolangma. There were several other names, used in the west before, such as Third Pole, Peak XV and PeakContinue reading “8848.86 m Mountain”

Summer visitors- the home coming!

The advent of spring and summer start seeing these summer visitors, our beautiful winged avian friends. We are so glad to welcome them to their breeding ground. The countryside, forest, creeks, forest edges and wherever they can find a place to be around — that area becomes so lively and musical with their activities suchContinue reading “Summer visitors- the home coming!”