Festival birding

Escaped out to Godawari, my favourite place for birding and nature exploration walk, on the 9th day (mahanavami) of the festival, we call Dashain or Vijaya Dashami in Nepal. Visited this place after 6 months, and it was wonderful. I enjoyed a lot of being out there. Godawari, on the base of Phulchauki hill, theContinue reading “Festival birding”

For Eagle

Birding at Boson! Met my birding friends (Jaya and Sworup) at Sim – the starting point. Located to the southern fringe of the Kathmandu city beyond Tribhuvan University area, I took some 40 minute bike to reach at this place called Sim. The main reason for this birding, even right after Global Bird Weekend –Continue reading “For Eagle”

Global Bird Weekend Birding

It’s the time of the greatest event of Bird’s life- migration for survival, for food, for favourable weather and the just natural instinct to move out for some time! What ever is the reason, it’s beautiful and magical events to enjoy them, that I have been waiting for. To mark this event, the world isContinue reading “Global Bird Weekend Birding”