Beauty of nature-FLOWERS

Walking in nature is never disappointing, as there is always something for everyone. There’s always beautiful birds, colourful insects, amazing butterfly and one of the most eye-catching beauty of nature are the beautiful blooms of the different species of flowers, that is so wonderful to enjoy. Here’s some flower pictures of my lockdown nearby. ExploreContinue reading “Beauty of nature-FLOWERS”

Bird of the Day

Blue-throated Barbet, a beautiful and easily recognizable bird of bright green plumage with scarlet red head, blue throat and large pale bill. This bird is a common bird around so far. Often heard as Kuthurk kuthurk, and is called Kuthurke in locally. It is heard more often than seen, as it remains into the foliageContinue reading “Bird of the Day”

Time 4 Butterfly

I am not a butterfly expert but when I am out there walking or birding, when I see these beauties of nature around, just can not resist myself to stop and loot at it. Photographing them is another thing, that I do, as it feels much easier to photograph them than birds. Even during thisContinue reading “Time 4 Butterfly”