Bird of the day!

Cattle Egret

This bird is a cosmopolitan species with the scientific name of Bubulcus ibis, and knowns as Bastu bakula वस्तु बकुल्ला in Nepal.

Cattle Egret in breeding plumage

They can be seen easily, so far. Love to see them flying in the morning to their feeding ground to the farmland or to the open grounds and flying back to their roasting place in the evening. When I am out birding or simply somewhere, it is always good to see them around, as that makes me feel that there are other birds also around.

Non-breeding Cattle Egret

They are, as all birds, an important part of the ecosystem and are a good friends of cattle and farmers, and seen with and around the cattle, picking up the insects and other parasites.

Cattle Egret -nesting time

Cattle Egret is all white in non-breeding season and has beautiful orange to reddish plumage during the breeding season for a short period of time.

Juvenile Cattle Egret

Happy birding!


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24 thoughts on “Bird of the day!

  1. Such beautiful images. I’d always been scared of birds due to my mom having them in our home as a child. Then for some class in college I studied them; why different beaks are necessary, feet, etc. I’ve always admired the beauty & now appreciate their purpose.

    1. Thanks for checking by page. Yes birds are amazing gift of nature and very beautiful, keep watching, and you will really enjoy them. Nice to meet you. Take care

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