Escape to nature

Yesterday afternoon I managed to get out in spite of strict regulation, of this second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Seems like this pandemic is going to be around for some, and we have to learn to live with it. After all human does cause problems and also has power to find a way out or a solution eventually. After all human is the superior being on this planet as we think so far. Are we?

Anyway was great feeling of being out there in nature. I only had to take the inside road to get this place, not far from where I am. It only took ten-minute drive to get there on my bike. And was a nice walk to the edge of the national park, lucky to have the nature park nearby, though not allowed to get in there now. Just being close and outside was refreshing and nice.

Reason, just wanted to get out to nature and see if I can find this bird- Spiny Babbler, the endemic bird, that I have been told is nesting there now. Did not see the bird but heard its beautiful song, that was nice and made by evening. Did see many other birds, though not as many as that are seen in the morning time. Heard many birds, among which the dominant and loud calls were from Asian Koel and Great Barbet. We will not be hearing much after some time when monsoon starts soon. There were many Black/Black-eared Kite nesting on the pine trees, only raptor that I saw. The Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher with its melodious song was heard and seen just when I was returning as it was already getting dusk.

It was nice to be out there in the open and fresh are, with greenery around. That was my dose of nature, that I managed to get after more than a month of staying inside. Hope soon, I will be able to join some friends and go to nature, to the birds!

Still need to be careful and stay safe!


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